Finger Food Menu

Finger Food Menu

Here is a selection of sid’s favourite fingerfood creations. Create your own menu by selecting 5 of these fingerfoods and together with a couple of salads it will make a beautiful satisfying lunch or dinner for your event.

These fingerfood options are $6.50 per person per dish with a minimum of 4 dishes. Food will be served on trays, with the appropriate condiments.

  • RICEBALLS: brown rice, ginger, onion, carrot, seasoned with Soy sauce, rolled in sunflower seeds and deep-fried, served with pickeled ginger V/GF/DF
  • PIZZA: polenta & wheat flour base with a home made tomato sauce and a variety of toppings.
  • DOLMADES: vine leaves stuffed with rice, pinenuts, onion, currants and loads of herbs served cold or warm V/GF/DF
  • NORI ROLLS: sushi rice, avocado, carrot, cucumber, served with wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce V/GF/DV
  • RICE PAPER ROLLS: rice-papers stuffed with lettuce leaves, rice noodles, grated carrot, coriander pesto and marinated tofu, served with asian dipping sauce V/GF/DF
  • SPRING ROLLS: yummie asian style deep fried springroll, served with sweet chilli sauce V/DF
  • SWEET POTATO CROQUETTES: mashed sweet potato, walnuts, onion and coriander, rolled in breadcrumbs, deep-fried and served with sweet chilli and sourcream DFP/VP
  • PUMPKIN PIE: roasted pumpkin pieces with caramelized onion, feta cheese and walnuts in puff pastry DFP/VP
  • SPINACH AND FETA FILO PARCELS: filo pastry, spinach, feta cheese and dill, baked in the oven VP/DFP
  • SAMOSA: an open puff pastry with delicious potato/pea/cashew nut curry, served with mint yoghurt VP/DFP
  • STUFFED MUSHROOMS: onion, garlic, chili, cashews, soysauce and thai basil , served with coriander pesto V/GF/DF
  • TOFU KEBABS: a coulorfull variety off vegetables and marinated tofu, asian style served with a peanut sauce or middle eastern style served with garlic yoghurt. Great from the BBQ V/DF/GF
  • FRITATA: zucchini, nuts, eggs, feta cheese and basil, baked. GF/DFP
  • FALAFEL: middle-eastern chickpea balls served with garlic-yoghurt and pita bread VP/GFP/DFP
  • POLENTA FINGERS: polenta with herbs and parmesan cheese, baked and served with a tomato relish GF/DFP/VP
  • TOFU CAKES: organic tofu blended with lemongrass, nuts, shallots and coriander, deep-fried, served with sweet chili sauce V/GF/DF
  • STUFFED TOMATO: rice, pine nuts, feta cheese and lots of herbs, baked in a tomato sauce VP/GF/DFP

Dietary food code:

  • Vegan = V
  • Vegan possible = VP
  • Gluten Free = GF
  • GFP = Gluten free possible
  • Dairy Free = DF
  • DFP = Dairy free possible