Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes
Our cooking classes are a hands on experience. At Lushious we believe that everybody can cook, it is just a matter of  having a go at it. There are no rules in cooking and we all have a different palate, some like it hot…others not.

We teach you recipes that are easy to recreate, with simple ingredients, but satisfying results. It will give you a great feeling to cook something for other people and get that instant result… people love you for it.

Cooking classes are held on a weekend and go for 3 hours. You will learn to cook an entrée, a main dish with all the trimmings and a dessert. After the class we share the meal and can share memories of great food experiences.

These classes have a maximum of 8 participants. Cost $75, includes all materials.


Mens Cooking Classes
Cooking for men courses are held over a year long period on a week night during school terms.

These courses are men only and will take you on a journey of culinary and self discovery. Food is an important part of our life right from the beginning and during this course you will find opportunity to create meaning full relationships with other men and share your story in a confidential environment.

These are closed groups where you will stay together with the same group throughout the year. It will have a maximum of 8 participants.

Classes are held on a weeknight from 6.30 to 8.30 alternating cooking classes with discussion nights.

$55 a week All materials included.

To book your cooking class now contact Sid on or 0432 143 523.

“Cooking is very much a people thing, I love cooking and being surrounded by people enjoying good quality vegetarian food and being totally satisfied, it’s great to give people that level of satisfaction” Sid Stolk